Skarlett - Age No Barrier

Young punk rockers Skarlett have never let age stop them from having a strong presence in the local music scene. In 2013 they’ve already recorded a new EP, “Life So Far” and had their music video for “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” reach over 270,000 views on YouTube and played on RAGE. And they've cracked the Top 10 in the Triple J Unearthed Punk Charts.

Now as the faces of intune youth – a music conference for young people - they’re focused on inspiring the next generation of Northern Territory artists.

Q: Tell us what’s happened so far in 2013 for Skarlett?

So far in 2013 we have recorded a new EP, titled “Life So Far”, which will be released in April. We’ve also had our first music video for our single “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” reach over 270,000 views on YouTube as well as having it played on RAGE. Apart from that we’ve just been developing as a band, playing shows and writing music.

Q: For those that haven’t heard of you guys please let us know a bit of history and describe your music to us?

Well we all started playing music together at a very young age. Playing together and writing songs was something that was always around and something we were always doing. We practiced like crazy and developed the band for a long time before really getting out there and having a shot at it in 2010. In our time as a band so far we have independently recorded and released an EP, played at Bass In The Grass, had two songs get to number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts and are currently in the process of releasing our sophomore EP “Life So Far”, which is a huge step musically for us.

To put it simply, we are a Pop Punk band. Our songs are energetic, loud and full of heart. We have influences coming from all angles including indie rock, hard core/easy core, post rock etc. We try to write songs and lyrics that are personal and honest without any sugar coating and glitter. We don’t want to fall in to the same box as every other band in the genre and we think that this new EP is a big step in that direction.

Q: We heard you guys had your music video played on RAGE? Tell us how that felt and also what it was like filming the pool party?

Seeing our video played on RAGE was amazing. We all grew up watching RAGE and other music shows on T.V and dreaming but never thinking that we would be on them, so to see ourselves making that step and achieving that milestone was incredible. Filming “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” was a really great experience! It was pretty much a big party with all of our friends rocking out in Arran and Lachlan’s back yard for hours on a hot Darwin day. Auki Henry is an amazing guy and has really helped us out. The whole thing was the happiest, most exciting way we could have made a video for the song.

Q: Why are you guys supporting the iNTune Youth Conference? Why should other people get behind it?

We want to build the local music scene. Sometimes young bands need that little bit of professional / experienced help and knowledge that they wouldn't have had without conferences like this. People should get behind this because many minds are better than one, and if we can share this knowledge around to others we will all benefit in the future.

Q: How important was support and mentoring for you guys when you first started Skarlett?

We wouldn't be where we are without mentoring and support. People like Steve Smith, Enth Degree, Steven Lees in addition to the wealth of invaluable information and guidance we received from attending the iNTune music conference. Over the years we have, through our own experiences and with the help of mentors, built up our skills in performing, recording, setting up shows and how to be professional in the industry.

Q: Why is it important for young people to attend the iNTune Youth Conference? Why should they go to workshops and listen to people from the industry?

It is important for young people to attend the iNTune Youth Conference because everyone as a band or artist need to grow and learn. The iNTune Youth Conference will give young people the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the industry, learn ways in which they can apply this knowledge to their own musical endeavours and to help grow the Darwin music scene.

Q: What advice do you have for other young bands? What helped you guys get to where you are?

Tuners. Seriously guys, always have tuners! Seriously though, we think a few things that bands can do to help themselves develop is practice a lot, have the drive and dedication to make it, have a good relationship with the other people in your band and the right support. Be active on your bands social media and website pages to keep your fan base involved with what you are doing. Also lots of pizza and Maccas runs. That’s important. But most importantly, love and believe in what you are doing and the music you are making!

Skarlett’s EP will be released in April and you can see their music video at

For more information or to register for intune youth check out the website:

And check out Skarlett recording a Your Music Office Session.

Skarlett are Jack Weaver, Sam Weaver, 
Arran Barker and Lachlan Barker.