APRA. SPA and ARIA Launch #AussieMade

Australia’s music and screen production industries announced the start of the #AussieMade campaign in April to help support the local music and screen industries throughout the COVID-19 shutdown.

APRA AMCOS, ARIA and Screen Producers Australia (SPA) are uniting behind local artists, songwriters and production businesses in these difficult and unprecedented times to encourage Australian music and screen content on broadcast and streaming services during this time. All services are being encouraged to deliver and promote the content that will connect Australians with each other in this time of significant dislocation.

This period of uncertainty, closures and working from home means that Australians have much more time to rediscover the amazing depth of talent that has been creating and producing some of the best music, television and movies in the world - the #AussieMade campaign want to make sure it’s curated so that it’s easier to find and enjoy.

Keep creators creating. Request, share and support #AussieMade music and screen content.

For more information about how you can get involved, visit this website.