Bush Bands 2020 Postponed

MusicNT’s annual Bush Bands Bash is a highlight of the Territory’s major events calendar each year. Unfortunately, today we are announcing its postponement until September 2021.

COVID restrictions may be easing but planning and outreach for the Bush Bands program are normally well and truly underway by this time of year. The difficult decision to postpone this year’s event was done from our commitment to the health of our community and to also ensure participating bands receive the complete benefits and development opportunities the program offers.

In consultation with the Bush Bands Reference Group and key musicians it was decided that bands wanting to participate in Bush Bands this year would have insufficient time to apply and plan for the Bash and would not reap the full rewards the program offers. Also, interstate and international mentors would most likely be unable to travel to Central Australian for Bush Bands Business.

In the meantime, we are making our way through the Bush Bands Bash archives to bring you a whole month of celebration this September as we look back over the history of the program including release previously unseen footage.

Make sure to follow the Bush Bands Bash Facebook page for more information as we count down to the September archival launch.

Our RAMP program is continuing to support remote bands and musicians throughout this time with advice around production and equipment. Contact Jeremy in our Alice Springs office or through the RAMP Facebook page for more information.


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