LOVE LIVE MUSIC 60 second film competition – NOW OPEN!

Entries are now open for the Australian Music Industry Network's nation-wide I LOVE LIVE MUSIC 60 second film competition!

The competition returns after a succesful inaugural run in 2016 – the result of a collab between AMIN, the Live Music Office, and the internationally accredited St Kilda Film Festival (presented by City of Port Phillip). Entrants are invited to submit a short film to highlight the social, cultural and economic value of contemporary music to the lives of everyday Australians, by addressing at least one of the following themes:

‘Imagine life without live Australian music’

‘What I love about live Australian music’

‘What live Australian music means to me’


Entires close March 31, so get rolling!


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Need some inspo? Check out last year's winners below. 


Film by: Sari Braithwaite | Music by: Liz Stringer

Live from Kingsbury Bowls is a film by Melbourne based documentary filmmaker, Sari Braithwaite, about live music’s ability to bring people, young and old, together and engaging them through the universal language that is music. Featuring a performance by Liz Stringer in a community bowls club, the film is centered around the sense of community that local live music creates. Showing that all that is needed to keep live music alive is for individuals to continue to enjoy.


Film by: Cesar Salmeron & Aaron Cuthbert | Music by: Quincy McLean & Simon Bailey

Encore is a film that aims to visually explore what it might feel like to remove live music from the halls that created it. Live Australian Music is the voice of a culture that created itself, bringing people together and acting as the release valve of society. Every live performance is a marriage of time and space that can never be repeated. This film highlights that taking this aspect away leaves us with a discomforting reality. Showing nothing but empty spaces, yet hearing the sounds of an audience allows the film to highlight that music remains vital to support a community of storytellers.