MusicNT COVID-19 Update

MusicNT COVID-19 Update

With the constantly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, MusicNT is working with a number of key organisational stakeholders to figure out the best way forward for both the delivery of our usual annual programs and our role as the main peak music body in the Northern Territory.

As it stands, we support the broad measures advised by authorities to protect the health and wellbeing of all Australians as the COVID-19 public health crisis continues to worsen. This includes reducing the risk of exposure to the virus through the cancellation of events and any face-to-face meetings deemed non-essential, as well as offering our staff the option to work from home.

Given the volatile nature of the pandemic and the large percentage of residents in the high-risk categories for COVID-19, MusicNT respects the wishes of those Land Councils, Indigenous corporations and remote communities who have chosen to cancel permits for non-essential visits.

As a result of this, MusicNT will pause all on-ground delivery of our remote area music development programs including Sista Sounds and RAMP for the foreseeable future. We are monitoring  the developing situation for both these programs and our large-scale annual events including NIMA, Bush Bands, and NT Music Awards.

In the meantime, we are working to develop alternative ways to deliver these key projects and are consulting our Indigenous Reference Groups and community partners to find the best way to implement this moving forward.

Clearly our music industry is facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of this crisis and MusicNT are working to identify ways in which we can provide assistance for those affected. We encourage all those who have lost income as a result of COVID-19 to register this loss via AMIN’s I Lost My Gig website. This will assist in building a case for financial support from all levels of Government.

Over the coming months, it is going to be vital to support one another as best we can through this period of uncertainty. We urge those who can to stream local acts, purchase music and merchandise, support fundraising campaigns, live stream gigs, and lobby politicians to support the arts.

If you are live streaming or offering virtual concerts, we encourage you to promote them through the Darwin Music Scene and Alice Springs Music Scene groups on Facebook.  We are also networking with community groups around opportunities for collaborative events.

If you require assistance or support in any way please reach out to your closest MusicNT office, or contact Support Act or Crew Care for counselling and/or financial assistance.

We welcome any other ideas you have about how we can best get through this time of instability and crisis together. Please feel free to contact us on or via social media to share your opinions and ideas.