NT Women in Music Draft Plan

“We’ll know we have gender equity when we don’t need to have these gendered consultations or
programs in the first place”

Following consultation with industry, MusicNT has released a first draft of a strategic plan for NT
Women in Music. The Plan includes summaries of discussions and input combined with MusicNTs
existing knowledge and experience in offering programs, workshops and other industry support
tailored for women.

The Plan outlines concerns voiced by many around a lack of participation by and inclusion of female
identifying artists and acts, the additional difficulties and costs for Mums in music, at times a lack of
respect for women in music including across broader industry roles, a lack of genuine music
development programs especially for women and other marginalised artists and concern around the
lack of priority of music within school and higher education, and the lack of teaching staff especially
in remote regions.

It highlights the strength and benefits of collaborations by women in music and
that is initiated by women reaching out to others. Much of this mirrors research regarding gender
equity in the Australian music industry and elsewhere.

The Plan includes a range of goals and strategies intended to gradually shift this lack of
opportunities. Some are already being implemented by MusicNT: others need to be embedded
across our activities and events and require minimal additional resources. A number of strategies
are also recommended for action by other industry groups and individuals, along with initiatives
which require either additional funding or for current funding to be reallocated.

Several more contentious points are around whether to introduce gender equity quotas and
whether to continue offering specific programs for specific marginalised groups … or focus on
ensuring all our work is “inclusive” … or both.

MusicNT welcomes feedback from everyone in our industry.

Check out the draft plan here.

To have your say;

Participate in a group Zoom session:

Session ONE: open to all participants, 12:00 – 1:00pm, Mon 23 Nov

Session TWO: open to all participants, 5:30 – 6:30pm, Mon 23 Nov

Session THREE: open to female-identifying participants, 12:00 – 1:00, Wed 25 Nov

Complete the Google Form:


To register for a Zoom session or to provide individual feedback, contact Liz, our Central Australian
Manager, at liz@musicnt.com.au or by calling 0409 073 765.


The Final Plan will be launched as part of International Women’s Day celebrations across the NT in
early March 2021.