Terms & Conditions


a. Organisation: MusicNT Inc. organises and produces NT Song of the Year, an annual, original songwriting competition, promoting the talents of songwriters resident in the Northern Territory, inviting writers to submit recordings of original musical compositions. NT Song of the Year aims to reveal, promote and support Northern Territory songwriters across many genres and facilitate career opportunities.

b. Independence: Judging of submissions, and selection of category nominees and winners, is undertaken by a judging panel independent of MusicNT. No MusicNT staff or sponsors are involved in this process.

c. Acceptance: Participation in the NT Song of the Year implies complete acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, the renunciation of any recourse concerning the conditions of organisation and the running of the event, its results and the attribution of prizes as well as the decision of the jury, which will be final and without appeal.

d. Entries – Submissions

  • The NT Song of the Year is exclusively open to residents of the Northern Territory, except MusicNT staff, board and sponsors;
  • The song must be the original work of the songwriter/s;
  • To enter you must be a current Northern Territory resident or, if you have relocated, you must have lived in the NT until 30 June 2017.

The song may be used for MusicNT’s promotional purposes, and the songwriter offers MusicNT a non-exclusive licence to use the song for the promotion of Song of the Year, and that the songwriter/s is authorised to grant said licence;

  • Entries which compromise MusicNT’s obligations to its principal sponsors will not be considered;
  • All copyrights remain the property of the songwriters. No contestant may infringe upon existing copyrights and in submitting their song the contestant agrees that MusicNT Inc. is not held responsible for any such infringement which may occur, and will indemnify MusicNT against any legal action which may arise as a result of such breaches of copyright;
  • Songs that have been a finalist or winner in a previous NT Song of the Year will not be accepted.
  • Instrumental music may be entered into all categories but must be clearly indicated by writing “Instrumental” in the lyrics section on the online form;
  • Entry fees are non-refundable;
  • All entrants agree to have their work/s made available to third parties in order to carry out the project and satisfy program sponsors.

e. Categories: 10 Genre Categories:

  • Blues / Roots
  • Country
  • Electronic / Dance
  • Folk
  • Heavy
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Urban / Hip Hop
  • Youth (only open to people under 25 years (in the case of a band at least 50% of the key songwriters in the band must be under 25)

f. Judging: The judging panels are made up of music industry professionals from across Australia. All NT Song of the Year entries are judged anonymously by the judging panel. All songs submitted will be given a unique identification number and any personal identifiers (ie. band or songwriter name) removed from materials and media prior to the songs being offered to judging panels. No MusicNT staff or sponsors will be engaged in the judging process.

  • Four nominees and a winner from this group will be chosen in each category;
  • The Grand Prize is selected from the finalists of each category by an independent judging panel;
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcomes of judging decisions.


a. Category Nominees & Winners – TO BE CONFIRMED


a. How To Enter: Entries are open from Sunday April 15, 2018 and close Friday June 21, 2018.

Online entries are the preferred method of entry 

  • Lyrics must be submitted for each song, but if the track is instrumental, please list instrumental in the Lyrics section of the form.
  • Songs sung in languages other than English must have an English translation, if possible.
  • Ensure all songwriters of each song entered are listed on the online entry form.
  • Song/s must be in MP3 format and less than 6MB.
  • An individual song may be entered into multiple categories but it will incur an entry fee for each category.

If you are unable to submit your entry online – the following applies:

  • Physical entries will need lyrics printed on A4 paper or supplied on a USB clearly labeled with contact name and song title/s.
  • All physical entries with CDs or USBs must be clearly labeled with contact name and song title/s.
  • If you are paying by cheque or money order – please make payable to MusicNT Inc. Do not make out to NT Song of the Year Awards.
  • Physical entries must be sent or delivered to the address below.
  • Recordings and Lyrics will not be returned.

Darwin Office: Level 1, 29 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT 0801 (P: 8981 1995)
Alice Springs Office: 67 Bath Street, Alice Springs NT 0870 (P: 8952 0322)

b. Cost of Entry: All entries receive a 3-for-1 price for their first three entries, meaning it’s AU$11 for the first three songs, then an additional AU$11 per song thereafter. 

All further enquiries contact MusicNT:
 Phone: (08) 8981 1995 or email: info@musicnt.com.au

Entries are open via this link.