Submit a song

Want to submit a track to FRESH MiNT? Awesome!

FRESH MiNT is a refreshing dose of new Territory music direct to your email once a month! It’s a way to keep industry up-to-date with what’s happening in the NT music scene.

Got a fresh new track that you think should be included in the next edition of FRESH MiNT? Make sure you submit it via the form below. Keep in mind there is selection criteria and questions you need to answer and it’s about new music. We can’t include everything of course, so we can only consider music that’s submitted through the form. Let your mates know.

How are songs selected?

Ok, so not every amazing song produced in the NT can make it into FRESH MiNT. Only five songs are selected every month so this requires a bit of selection criteria.

The key things for a track to be selected are:

  • It’s Fresh! It’s been produced/released in the past month or two or it’s related to the launch of an album, EP, music video, national tour or significant music announcement.
  • It’s Recorded at a High Standard. Sorry guys, no demos. It’s about showcasing some of the freshest tracks in the Territory and artists that are ready to take their music to the next stage, if we don’t feel the track is at the right level we’re happy to provide some feedback.
  • It’s a Territory track. Yep pretty obvious. This opportunity is exclusive for NT artists.
  • You’ve got a story. We want to be able to link your music to something new and exciting happening in your world, so make sure you’ve got some news for us too!
  • You’ve completed the attached form and linked us to the track - links must be to SoundCloud tracks.

Any questions? Contact Shauna –

EG: when was it recorded, when was it released, who recorded it, who produced it, where was it recorded, what’s it about, anything else interesting.
EG: tours, album launch, music video, label signing, fresh new track?