MusicNT History

MIDI (Music Industry Development Incorporated) was founded in 1996 by a group of passionate advocates for local music. Initially formed to rally for a venue to replace the recently closed Darwin Music Development Centre (AKA the The Old Workers Club) it soon broadened to become a support base for musicians from across Darwin and soon, the Territory.

In 1996 MIDI securing operational funding from ArtsNT and changed the organisation name to MusicNT.

Since then MusicNT has continued to grow through the creation of leading programs and initiatives that have brought to the fore NT music and developed positive platforms for the showcasing of the talent from across the Territory.

MusicNT is now recognised as one of the leading peak bodies nationally. We exist to support the growth and development of original contemporary music in the Northern Territory. In other words, we are the interface between geographically and often socially disadvantaged artists and the rest of the world. We help remote and isolated Australians realise their musical dreams and creative career aspirations. In doing so we are impacting on the health and wellbeing of entire communities, and promoting what we think is some of the best music in Australia.

This, the 20th year sees the organisation face its toughest battles.... but also achieve its greatest outcomes as we continue to be a positive and responsive body bringing NT music to the world.

With the ethos of a thriving and connected music scene and a mission to support the growth and development of the contemporary music industry, MusicNT looks forward to 20 more years of bringing some of the countries most exciting music to the world.