Creekside Reggae Band (Warakurna)

  • Jeffrey Youngut - lead singer
  • Albert Porter - rhythm guitar
  • Tim Jackson - lead guitar
  • Dion Bell - drums
  • Jamon Watson - bass guitar
  • Janita Ula - backup singer
  • Xavier McClean - keyboard

BIO from Jeffrey Younget

I started singing when I was 10 years old. I got together with Tim Jackson (lead guitar) about 10 years ago when I was in high school. We started to write songs together. We then asked Jamon Watson (bass guitar) and Albert Porter (rythym guitar) to join us. We called ourselves the Warakurna Band. We played at sports weekends and at the Ngaanyatjarra Festival. 3 years ago we asked Dion Bell to play drums with us. We used to play in my house once every week until we got good. We then played on a stage in front of a crowd. We played songs that Tim, Jamon and I wrote. We wrote the songs together. Last year we recorded some songs at NG Media in Wingellina using Garage Band. I changed the name of our band to the Creekside Reggae Band this year. This is because we live by the side of the creek. Reggae is our favourite music but sometimes we play country or rock music. We hope to make a CD this year and tour around central Australia