Desert Mulga (Nyirripi & Yuendumu)

  • Steven Brown (vocals & percussion)
  • Gregwyn Gibson (bass)
  • Elijah Williams (keys)
  • Simos Brown (drums)
  • Shannon Gallagher (lead vocals & rhythm guitar)
  • Matthew Gibson (lead guitar)

Formed in 1998 and a household name throughout the Central Desert, Desert Mulga is the quintessential desert reggae band. The Band hail from Nyirrpi and Yuendumu and have formed a unique sound to describe their cultural landscape.

Desert Mulga have performed very regularly at Community Sports Carnivals over the past ten years including Yuendumu, Papunya and Kintore Sports and Culture Weekends. As residents of Yuendumu they have completed skills development in music and radio training through PAW media, the remote broadcast agent of the Tanami region. At PAW Media they have recorded some songs which feature on Yapa Beats albums I & II. They have always contributed to the energy of music events in Yuendumu and were winners of the Road Safety Song Concert staged in 2011. Independently they have participated in Bush Bands Bash in 2010 and 2012, the engaging music business and showcase event produced by Music NT.

They have drawn a wide range of interest in their music, including featuring a song on the Samson and Delilah film. In 2015 they have released their first full length album ‘Tangapa Yanu’ on CAAMA Music’s new Therrka label.