Tjintu Desert Band (Haasts Bluff/Ikuntji)

  • Terry Marshall (Lead Vocals, Guitars)
  • Jeffery Zimran (Vocals, Guitars)
  • Joseph Zimran (Vocals, Keys)
  • Aaron Sharpe (Bass)
  • Kieren Jakamara (Drums)

Tjintu Desert Band, from Haasts Bluff/Ikunjti, 250km west of Alice Spring, are now one of the hottest bands currently playing in Central Australia. Their debut album, Tjamuku Ngurra, will be introducing to the rest of the country the genre known as ‘desert reggae’, the most popular musical style in remote Indigenous communities of Central Australia. This new sound coming out of the desert combines funk, rock, reggae and dub grooves – sung in a mixture of Luritja and English.

The band toured extensively in 2013, with a month-long tour of the east coast, which incorporated eleven concerts over four states (NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT). This tour included a half-time performance at an NRL match at Mackay football stadium, as well as the Rock for Reconciliation event held in Canberra as part of NAIDOC. Earlier that year they also toured Central Australia, performing at five events and topping off the tour with the opening performance at the Wide Open Space Festival in Alice Springs. In recent years they have completed a tri-state tour supporting Narbalek, played at high profile festivals such as Green Fest, Sandtracks Tour, Dreaming Festival, Bush Bands Bash and toured with Gotye’s band The Basics.

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