The 2016 Bush Bands

In a record-breaking year, 16 bands from remote communities applied to be part of the 2016 Bush Bands Program. And after a rigorous selection process six bands were chosen to participate in the intensive skills development camp – Bush Bands Business – and then put it all to practise in front of thousands at the 13th annual Bush Bands Bash in Alice Springs!

The bands selected for this year’s Bash represented different communities and their music reflects the sounds and stories from their land. For the first time there is an all-female band, a band from East Arnhem Land and 5 of the 8 selected are joining the program for the first time.

The 2016 Bush Bands are:

Lander River Band

(Willowra community | Warlpiri language) 

Eastern Arrernte Band

(Santa Teresa community | Eastern Arrernte language)

Irrunytju Band

(Irrunytju community | Ngaanyatjarra & Pitjantatjara languages)

Iwantja Sunset Reggae

(Indulkana community | Pitjantjatjara & Yankunytjatjara languages)

Kardajala Kirri-Darra (Sandhill Women)

(Elliott community | Mudburra language)

Salt Lake Band (Enungkwerrimanja)   

(Umbakumba community | Anindilyawka language)

....and thanks to Sand Tracks we also have



Desert Hip Hop

(Ampilatwatja, Elliott, Wutunugurra community)

Here the music from the 2016 Bush Bands!