Lander River Band

Lander River Band have been performing for around 13 years. They have recorded with CAAMA Music and also had a track feature on PAW Media’s Tanamai Tracks album and Yapa Beats 2.
Lander River Band have performed many gigs, including the Yuelamu Road Safety Concert and Yuendumu Battle Of The Bands. They have played along side Lajamanu Teenage Band, Blackstorm Band, Desert Mulga and Tjupi Band, as well as many local concerts in Willowra and nearby communities. Their songs reflect their land and stories, the beauty of the river area around Willowra, the stories that make up this land and dreaming.


Preston Martin - voice
Justin Forrest - backing voice
Newton Long - rhythm - voice
Patrick Long - lead
Naphtali Willis - drums
Rowan Long - bass
Terrence Willis – keys