Desert Divas, Saltwater Divas & Sista Sounds


Desert Divas & Sista Sounds form the Territory’s premier music development program for aspiring female Indigenous musicians, rappers and singer-songwriters. Fostering the considerable and unique artistic talent of Indigenous women, the programs develop and support the work of Indigenous women in music, from the grass roots through to the Desert Diva and provide a platform for these women in music to be showcased.


Desert Divas, launched in Central Australia in 2010, offers an opportunity for established Indigenous female artists to develop their skills at a higher level, leading to performances at major events. The program includes song writing, music industry and performance workshops as well as the annual Desert Divas Showcase.


Sista Sounds, launched in Central Australia in 2011, responds to a gap in opportunities for remote Indigenous women to learn, practice and perform music. Travelling to communities across the Territory, the program promotes and encourages women’s involvement and development in music.