Cassandra Williams

One of the key members of the Divas program! Cassandra Williams has been a Diva, a mentor and part of the first ever all-female backing band that supported the Desert Divas in 2014 and 2015.

Cassandra is a member of the famously musical Williams family from the Aboriginal community of Hermannsburg/Ntaria, west of Alice Springs. Her father, Baydon Williams is a recorded artist with CAAMA Music and her uncle, Warren H. Williams is one of the most well-known Aboriginal country music singers in Australia.

Since first watching her father rehearse with his band, she has gone on to create a musical career for herself, going away to study music at CASM in Adelaide where she developed her guitar, piano and vocal skills. Her musical style has developed from pop to a freshelectronic direction. Cassandra hopes to be the first Aboriginal woman from remote Central Australia to make a career for herself as a dance music writer and producer.

On the Divas

"I always love being apart of Desert Divas with anything and I loved being a mentor."

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