The following was the program from intune alice 2013.

Friday 26 July

6pm - 6:30pm | intune launch

Join MusicNT staff and board as we celebrate the start of the weekend's activities! The welcome function will include the 2013 NT Song of the Year People's Choice Award presentation. 

6:30pm - 12:30pm | AfterHours Showcase

Live local music, showcasing the talent and variety of Central Australia artists. Check out the line-up here


10am - 12pm | Feedback on Five

Local acts play their best 5 minutes of music to a panel of music industry experts who give them critical feedback and suggest directions in which they could move forward in their work. 
Panelists: Dom Alessio, Cath Haridy, Graham Ashton, Sam Blacker, Tim Cole.

12pm - 2pm | Music Expert Sessions

One-on-one sessions with music industry experts for Feedback on Five acts. This session includes lunch.
Panelists: Dom Alessio, Cath Haridy, Graham Ashton, Buzz Bidstrup, Stephen King, Jackie Kralj, Sam Blacker, Tim Cole.

2:15pm - 3:15pm | Radio Gaga

Join presenters from national, commercial, and community radio stations to find out how to get your music on radio, how to get yourself on radio, and how to make an impact when you do.
Panelists: Dom Alessio, Sam ‘Smiles’ Blacker, Edan Baxter, Warren H Williams.

3:30pm - 5:30pm | Management Masterclass

Managing the business and admin side of your music is never easy. This session is designed to give self-managed artists and fledgling artist managers practical tools to take your music and career in the direction that you want.

Panelists: Mark Smith, Cath Haridy, Graham Ashton, Buzz Bidstrup.

5:45pm - 6:45pm | APRA Connect

Are you a songwriter and never heard of APRA? Are you an APRA member who needs help with Live Performance Returns (LPRs)? Don't know what an LPR is, or never lodged one before? Don't know how to register your songs with APRA? Then APRA Connect is your chance to find out - it's easy, just come and meet with NT APRA representative, Phillip Eaton and talk all things APRA.

Facilitator: Phillip Eaton.

6:45pm - 7:45pm | AAM NT Chapter, Networking Function

includes AfterHours Showcase #2 with Colin Lillie

AAM (Association of Artist Managers) recently launched the NT Chapter to bring emerging and established music managers and self managed artists together to support and connect with each other at regular networking functions. AAM are pleased to host the first Alice Springs function as part of intune alice springs.

Facilitator: Mark Smith, AAM NT Chapter Representative (Sietta/Damn Moroda) 

Gigs around town

8pm - 11pm | Nokturnl and Warren H Williams, Montes Lounge, $5 entry

10pm - late | The Tongue and Skank MC, Bojangles Saloon, Free entry


10am - 11:30am | Showcase Artists brunch with panelists

A special brunch for intune AfterHours Showcase artists and panellists to schmooze over the buffet bar & coffee. Note this session is invitation only and RSVP is essential.

12pm - 1pm | Social Media 101

What social media should I be on? What are the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Soundcloud? How do I make my social media presence stronger and why would I want to? Social Media 101 looks at the key reasons for using social media, the main things to consider and the best platforms for musicians.

Panelists: Amy HetheringtonJackie Kralj.

1pm - 1:20pm | Lunch

1.30pm – 3.30pm | DIY Releasing Records

Is it possible to release your own record from the NT when you don't have big labels, publicists, distribution at your fingertips? Yes! Come to this session to get practical tips, tools and resources from those who've done it and those who exist to support you to release your own music.

Panelists: Dom Alessio, Cath Haridy, Buzz Bidstrup, Stephen King, Jackie Kralj, Catherine Satour, Mark Smith.

2:45pm - 4:45pm | Music Video Crash Course

How do you know when it's time to make a music video and how do you go about it? What are the different types of videos and why would I benefit from one? Come to this workshop to find out all about the growing promotional tool of music videos. All your questions answered and a creative workshop where you can brainstorm ideas for your next video.

Facilitator: Amy Hetherington.

Gigs around town

3pm - 6pm | Alice Springs Courtyard Sessions World Music Concert 

With Bec Matthews & King Marong, Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, $20 / $15 for conference delegates.