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2. Search for "intunedarwin".
3. Access the event using the passcode: intunedarwin

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Friday 9:00am - Late

  • Better Get a Lawyer Son: As a musician, you are protected by the law. Lawyers can help you navigate contracts, arrangements with bands, managers and much more. Far from being the back-room suits, lawyers can be the makers and breakers of today's music industry.  Find out why a lawyer should be a key part of your team, how they work for you and why legal advice isn't a dirty word.
  • Studio To Stadium…How not to have the greatest album never heard: You've recorded - got your dreams in your hands… What next? Don’t get left with boxes of albums under your bed.  Learn the ins and outs of digital servicing and distribution, marketing and online promotion and how you can get your album out there and noticed.   The tools are in your hands; walk away with the key steps to go from studio to stadium. 
  • AAM Presents: Management Masterclass: Are you at a point where you need a manager, or are thinking about getting into band management? Come to this session to find out when/if you might be ready to bring a manager on board and how to work with that potential manager - what a manager brings to the table, what to look out for, how to split the roles and get the best for both of you.
  • intune LIVE showcase at Happy Yess / Brown's Mart 

Saturday 10am - late

  • From Up Here to Out There: What does it take to get your band or music out of the Territory into the homes and ears of audiences in regional areas, the east coast and overseas?  New ways to tour and expose your music to your next greatest fan.  Are festivals the answer or are there new ways to connect and grow an audience?
  • Music Marketing on a Plate: Music marketing is KEY to growing a career, especially when your band is a long way from the big city.  How do you grow audiences, expose your music and make every gig and record bigger than the last?  Come and learn all there is about music marketing and walk away with a release strategy.
  • This is your life… style: How did you get your start?  What made you want to get into this world of bands and music?  Some key players talk about what brought them to where they, highlighting key choices, cool stories and giving you an insight into this diverse, crazy and rewarding world of the music industry
  • NT Song of the Year Awards (invite only)
  • NT Song After Party at Happy Yess