David Garnham - Musician

David Garnham is songwriter and front man for the band David Garnham & the Reasons to Live, well-known for crafting country-tinged ballads about booze and women, fuelled by isolation and self-loathing. Cutting his teeth with his first band The Moving Targets, he had the opportunity to fly to Sydney for the 2010 Song Summit via Triple J Unearthed, and play both the Darwin Festival and Bass in the Grass.  With his current band The Reasons to Live, he has been lucky enough to go through the Telstra Road talent development program, and take out multiple categories and the overall prize of the 2012 NT Song of the Year awards.  He tours regularly around the country, and hopes one day to resurrect his cricketing career.  He has a dashing leg-break, and one of the best late cuts getting around in amateur circles.