Jack Tinapple

Powerfunk Records, The NEO, Jigsaw Collective

Jack Tinapple has been a part of the Darwin music scene since the late 1900’s. A naked millennium party (NUDE 2000) saw the launch of Jack’s band The NEO on New Years Eve of 1999/2000. This was followed by the creation of Powerfunk Records in 2004 with friend Pauly Bates. The NEO went on to achieve triple j airplay with their hit single ‘Bus Blues’ and travelled extensively across the country under the management of Pauly Bates. After the release of The NEO’s new album ‘The Near Earth Objects’ Powerfunk records is now focusing on getting the album out across the country.
Since the beginning of the label, Powerfunk Records has continued to grow, and now manages an array of local Darwin bands including; The NEO, Jigsaw Collective, Country Town Collective, Tim Sinclair and The Kim Orchard Band.