RAMP- Regional Areas Music Program

RAMP PROGRAM AIM: Provide opportunities for community driven performance platforms, skills development and strengthening of the identity and voice of Indigenous music across the Northern Territory.

RAMP Remote is designed to work through many levels of a community to transfer knowledge in the preparation, promotion and presentation of community gigs, and to build audience capacity through supporting local presentation platforms for community music. 

RAMP supports women’s music by creating safe and respectful mixed gender gigs in community. It is the intention of RAMP Remote to be delivered in tandem with Sista Sounds community workshops in order to create more opportunities for female musicians.

Part of the RAMP Remote community visits include conducting a ‘gig audit’ for the community e.g. what resources are available locally – venues, equipment and opportunities. RAMP Remote is not designed as a standalone program but instead supports and builds on existing skills, particularly where gaps have been identified.

RAMP Remote will not:
Arrive in community with a truckload of gear: PA, stage and lights, deliver a service and then pack up and leave.

RAMP Remote delivery will:
Take music professionals into community for a designated period and work alongside local people to extend their knowledge and ability to prepare, promote and present gigs, using the resources in community.

MusicNT's Regional Areas Music Program is now calling for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from all groups or agencies wishing to participate in this program in 2019. 

All groups will need to meet basic minimum requirements to be considered a viable host for the program.

For more information about RAMP or if you have any issues filling in the Expression of Interest form below, contact the MusicNT RAMP Manager, Jeremy Conlon on (08) 8952 0322 or 0421 837 876 or email jeremy@musicnt.com.au.