Guest Speakers 2018

MusicNT are pleased to announce the following guest speakers for the inaugural Women in Music Conference on Thursday, May 24.

Keynote Speaker

Helen Marcou

Helen is a co-owner of Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne and co-founder of grassroots movementSLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music)– an activist group that staged the SLAM rally of 2010 where 20,000 protesters marched on Parliament House in Melbourne in support of Live Music. The SLAM rally was described as “the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history”.

She continually advocates for reforms in the contemporary music sector and has worked to ensure live music is firmly on the political agenda. Helen is a member of the Victorian State Government’s Live Music Roundtable. She called for and was instrumental in the formation of the recently government funded, Victorian Sexual Harassment and Assault of Women in licensed venues Task Force, She is a passionate participant, mentor, supporter and advocate for the arts and culture in Australia.

Last year Helen was selected to be inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll for Women.

Workshop Facilitators

Sose Fuamoli

Sose Fuamoli is a music journalist, editor and publicist. An ardent supporter of young writers and music professionals, Sosefina has been a champion of a more diverse Australian music culture, while also being able to profile and review some of the world’s biggest music festivals and artists in both the United States and Europe. Her work has been published by Rolling Stone Australia, Beat Magazine and since 2010 has been involved in growing Australian music site the AU Review into one of Australia's largest independent publications.

She is an Australian Music Prize judge, as well as having served on the judging committee for the South Australian Music Awards, NT Song of the Year and the ARIA Awards.

Amy Hetherington

Amy Hetherington is a comedian, filmmaker, band manager and owner of Amiable Communications. Amiable Communications is a Darwin consultancy that helps Northern Territory people connect with events, organisations, causes and celebrations.

Amy is passionate about creating content and sharing stories in a fun, enjoyable and amiable style. She incorporates comedy, media content creation, publicity, marketing, audience engagement and community mindedness to offer services across the Territory and to connect people.

Amy is also heavily involved in the music community as a manager for At The Dakota, a publicist and event producer.

Michelle Grace Hunder

Beginning her career in professional photography 7 years ago, Michelle Grace Hunder already has a self published photography book in the National Sound and Film Archives of Australia and is considered one of the most revered Australian Music Photographers.
After the 2015 release of her highly anticipated photographic book- "RISE", a detailed insight of her personal journey into the world of Australian Hip-Hop, Michelle has also spreads her creativity into a number of different avenues, showing an agile versatility – from fashion, to international cultural events.

After shooting with literally every major player in the Australian Hip-Hip scene, Michelle has spent the last three years on a personal project called "Her Sound, Her Story" celebrating Women in Australian Music, across all genres, with her project partner, Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore.

Michelle also hosts a weekly Hip Hop radio show on Kiss Fm with her co-host DJ Rui & renowned Music Journalist Sose Fuamoli, just to add to her already incredibly busy schedule!

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore wears many hats including photographer, videographer, director, producer, editor and dancer. Having worked on music videos for many well-known Australian artists including 360, Odette and Blue King Brown, Claudia’s focus for the past three years has been “Her Sound, Her Story”. The project, produced alongside friend and project partner Michelle Grace Hunder, champions Australian women in the wider music industry who have been trailblazers in establishing a strong, female presence in a male-dominant industry.

When not creating conversation-starting content, Claudia focuses on her other love, dancing and teaches weekly dance classes.