The Northern Territory is a tough place to be a performing artist. The distances to travel are huge, and the cost of living is high. But it is also amazingly rich in culture, and a breeding ground for incredibly talented and, due to the isolation, incredibly unique artists.

MusicNT ‘supports the growth and development of original contemporary music in the Northern Territory’. In other words, we are the interface between geographically and often socially disadvantaged artists and the rest of the world. We help remote and isolated Australians realise their musical dreams and creative career aspirations. In doing so we are impacting on the health and wellbeing of entire communities, and promoting what we think is some of the best music in Australia.

MusicNT is a not-for-profit charity and you can donate to support the work we do in the Territory community – and it’s tax deductible.

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In 2015 we were successful with the Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 initiative. We received a huge number of donations from individuals, bands, organizations and businesses and we are extremely grateful for the support.

Thanks to you we raised a total of $46,680.00, which will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, making a grand total of $93,360.00!!

The staff and board at MusicNT worked extremely hard over the past 3 months to raise this money, and at times it looked as if maybe we wouldn’t make it…. but with your generositywe did it!

The money we raised will be used to employ a development manager, to look after and grow our non-government funding and sponsorships. We currently receive around 7% of our funding from non-government sources – we hope to increase this to at least 20% by 2017.

Check out the video for more information on our Plus1 campaign.