Getting Started

There's more to making music than, well, making music

Don’t listen to the dictionary; being a musician encompasses a lot more than just making music. There are tons of things to consider along the way to making it in the music industry: from DIY mixing to digital marketing, crowdfunding to grant-writing, being an engaging interviewee to being a memorable live act… and that doesn’t nearly cover the half of it. But no need to feel overwhelmed. Everyone starts somewhere, and the best way to get started is to simply get out there – the sooner the better.


There are many ways to get started, depending on what sort of music you want to make. But no matter what your genre, there’s one thing to keep in mind when you’re getting started – getting better. Hone your creative goals and technical skills to develop your style, stand out and be someone that other musicians want to play with, venues want to book and record labels want to sign.


If you’re looking to start a band, simply hanging out with music-minded people often results in some outfit or other. Your local music scene is the first place you should be heading to meet future bandmates. It’s also a rich reservoir of useful industry contacts and invaluable hands-on experience that you can tap into at any stage of your career.

Jam nights are excellent opportunities to delve into your local scene. You can also have a look at music-related community noticeboards, which you can often find at schools, universities and community-minded music venues. You can follow the social media accounts of local bands, music collectives or venues to keep tabs on what’s going on music-wise in your area. However, keep in mind that in the formative stages of a band different people often have different levels of investment, and it’s worth clearing up how seriously everyone’s taking the band early on.


Whether you’re getting together a band or striking it out alone, making contact with a representative organisation should be one of your first points of call. The road to making it as a musician can be long and thankless and its important to remember that there are organisations that exist to help you out along the way.

MusicNT is geared toward supporting the development of musicians wherever they are in the Territory and has advice, resources and contacts to share. Become a member and make the most of annual programs designed to give NT musicians a leg up, or check out the Green Room to find tips and tricks from some of the savviest in the business.

Music NT’s Green Room is designed to give musicians advice on the various situations they will come across over the course of their musical careers. The Green Room sources pearls of practical wisdom from such professionals as sound engineers, arts lawyers, music journalists and chart-topping Australian bands. So if you ever wanted to know more about the different kinds of publishing royalties, or you’ve been questioning how to get some media coverage, step inside and stop a while. The Green Room answers these questions and heaps more.

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