Larry heath

Larry Heath

Founder and Editor in Chief - The AU Review


The AU Review would love to hear more from bands in the NT! More generally, bands should definitely invite writers and publications to review their show or album.

Firstly, with most publications having an online presence, it opens up bands' music to a national and even an international audience almost immediately. Of course there is the risk of getting a negative review, and that might hurt the creative ego, however there really is no such thing as bad publicity. It may entice people to listen to your music even more so.

And for people who are already familiar with you, and fans of you, they'll come to your defense against the negative review through Facebook, Twitter etc. Chances are the next review you receive will be positive anyway. Don't shy away from reviews! You NEVER know what could come of it...

Interview well

I like interviews to go places I don't expect. I want to try to delve into areas that are against the norm for a formal interview. But I also just want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time!

A good interviewee is patient with the interviewer and with whatever the interview situation is. Sometimes there are technical difficulties, other times it's just not going to be the best interview, or the interviewer hasn't really done their research. This isn't always the interviewer’s fault – sometimes they get thrown into interviews at the super last minute, especially at festivals and major events. Just be patient and work with what you've got - in doing this it will always work well for you.

Treat the interview as a conversation. Keep it casual. After you've done a few of these interviews you'll start to know the questions you'll receive and have pre-prepared answers for it all. But don't hesitate in telling a story or going off topic in the same instance. If the interviewer needs it to get back on topic he will, but as an interviewer, we're just keen for a good chat.

Basically just don’t be a dick. We're all in this because we love music. Almost no one gets paid for this stuff anymore. So let's all just enjoy music and have a beer.


I was interviewing Scott Ian from Anthrax and I honestly didn't know we were there to talk about the new Anthrax record. I thought we were there to talk about his side-project. He made my life very difficult at that point. My fault for misreading the e-mail. Luckily I wasn't a fan.