Stephanie Carrick

Executive Producer - triple j Unearthed


Make sure you’ve got your best track uploaded to as we really do listen to every single track that’s uploaded. At that point it’s all about the music and if it’s a fantastic track then we’ll be onto it straight away.

As we start short listing for tracks to add to the radio station or get reviews, we look at the artist profile, and read the bio.

We also look to see how engaged you are with the site by looking at the other artists you like on Unearthed and any reviews you have from the general public, so it’s always best to have your profile in as good a shape as possible. All the presenters do their own digging around as well, so getting into the charts, or having reciprocal artists that ‘like’ you can help them and listeners find you.


If a competition is for a festival or showcase, the ability to play live is the key thing.  There are lots of great tracks that get airplay, but we want to ensure that translates live for a festival audience.

We’ll look at Facebook, search for reviews, and see if there’s any live footage to check out on YouTube.  So it’s worth making sure that your online presence reflects the gigs you are playing or have played in the past, and any live footage you have can be found easily.  Of course if we have the chance we’ll go to gigs in person but it’s not always possible given the wide geographic spread.


Winning a Triple J Unearthed competition puts you in the national spotlight, so it’s worth acting on any serious emails that come through this straight away, whether it’s from managers, booking agents etc.  However always search their names first and check that they’re legit, we are always happy to give advice to competition winners to help them navigate the music industry.  You’ll also get some new fans, so make sure you have links to your Facebook profile or website so they can easily follow you and stay up to date.

It’s also good to be as friendly and open as possible at the event. So many of our competition winners have made great contacts with other bands and gone on to support or collaborate with them.

And we would definitely encourage you to be on your best behaviour and make a good impression with the organisers, they may invite you back! If you make a bad impression, trust us, we’ll hear about it.


I guess my most recent favourite would be Tyler Touché, who we discovered during Unearthed High.  His track ‘Baguette’ was subsequently a break out hit on triple j and soon after he was selected to play at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of an Unearthed High showcase.  He had never played live before but I encouraged him to get a live show together which he did in six weeks and it went down a treat.  That was in September and since then he’s scored gigs all over the country, including Soundscape Festival in Tasmania. He’s also got a manager now which is fantastic given he is only sixteen!  We can’t wait to see just how far he’ll go.